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Written By Karel Gandakusumah

Kentucky Fried Chicken is arguably one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the world that specializes in fried chicken. It was founded by the famous Colonel Sanders, who was given an honorary Colonel title due to his achievements by the governor of Kentucky. He is the mind behind the “Finger Lickin’ Good” fried chicken.


In the beginning Colonel Sanders served recipes that he had learned as a child: fried chicken and other dishes such as steaks and country ham in a Gas Station he owned. He then bought a roadside motel in Corbin, Kentucky when he was 40. He was unhappy with the 35 minutes it took to prepare his chicken in an iron frying pan, but he refused to deep fry the chicken, which he believed lowered the quality of the product. Until one day he found a more efficient and effective method of using a modified pressure fryer. In July 1940, Sanders finalized what came to be known as his "Original Recipe" of 11 herbs and spices.


The first KFC franchise opened in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. Today, 99% of KFC’s are franchised and you can be one of them. To learn more click here.

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